I thought I would answer a few questions that you might ask. Should you need any other assistance, please send me an email to michelle@salonmichelle.co.za
  1. Did you study to become a hairdresser?

    Yes. I finished my formal training and tertiary studies at the Tshwane North College in Pretoria. I started my studies in January 2007 and finished June 2008. That means that through hard work and dedication, I managed to finish what was supposed to be a 3 year course in just 18 months. And I must say that I am rather proud of this achievement.

  2. Are you a fully qualified hairdresser?

    Yes. After finishing my studies, I obtained an IVQ Advanced Diploma in Hairdressing issued and accredited by The City & Guilds of London Institute.

  3. Who or what is City & Guilds?

    City & Guilds International is the leading assessment qualification and awarding body in the United Kingdom. This institute is a highly respected international awarding body that was established in 1878 and have a reputation for developing qualifications which are internationally recognised by educators and employers alike, as evidence that candidates have reached a specified standard in terms of work-related competence and associated knowledge and understanding.

  4. What does IVQ stand for?

    IVQ stands for International Vocational Qualification and so, The Advanced Diploma is the highest level offered as it allows candidates to obtain specialist knowledge in the field of Hairdressing.

  5. Why are there no pictures of men in your Gallery. Don't you style men?

    Of course we do! We are a fully fledged UNISEX salon that offer the same friendly and professional service to men and women alike. The truth of the matter is that the men don't like being photographed. So, getting a guy to pose for a pic is actually hard work, but getting permission to post it on my site is almost impossible!

  6. I have a child that needs a haircut, but he/she is a handful. Will it be a problem?

    Not at all. Kids from 1 to 91 are all welcome, even if they are a handful. Sometimes a previous bad haircut experience makes the children more anxious than they need to be. Don't worry about it. All they need is one good experience to break the cycle. And by the way... Here is a special offer to all kids older than 91. You qualify for 100% family discount if you are accompanied by both parents. How's THAT for a deal? lol

  7. Why are there no prices for perms on your Price list?

    I DON'T DO PERMS. I don't do perms because I don't believe in perms. In my personal AND professional opinion I firmly believe that a perms causes irreparable damage to your hair, image and self-confidence. There is absolutely no reason your hair should be stuck in the 80's, simply because you loved WHAM's music. If you are dead set on a perm, then I am not the stylist for you. However, if you want to perm because you are bored or frustrated and you feel you need a change, then I am just the person you were looking for. Come in and let's talk. You will be so glad you did!

  8. Where is Salon Michelle situated?

    Our physical address is 152 Zambesi Road in Sinoville, Pretoria. Please click on the Contact Us link below to view a map or, if you are still unsure, simply call me on 083 412 3612 and I will gladly assist.